Maple Syrup from New York State

Maple Syrup from New York State

About New York Maple Syrup

New York maple syrup must meet exacting standards for purity. The only ingredient allowed is maple sap that has been concentrated to have a minimum of 66% sugar.

Maple syrups have a complex set of flavor components, some of which come from concentration and some from chemical reactions during the heating and evaporation process. The most common flavors are maple, sugars (white sugar, brown sugar, molasses, etc.), vanilla, and empyreumatic (such as caramel, chocolate, and coffee). Less common are woody, herbaceous, fruity, and floral flavors. All of these flavors come from the way the trees are grown and the syrup is produced and make each syrup a unique flavor experience.

Although pure maple syrup contains mostly natural sugars, it contains other substances as well. Minerals absorbed be the tree are present, especially calcium. Phenols and antioxidents are present and can be active against cancer and free radicals. Potential health advantages of these natural compounds have been demonstrated in laboratory testing.

Finding New York Maple Syrup

Use the Buy Local setion of our website to find a maple syrup producer near you - you can search by zip code and filter by a variety of criteria. Be sure to visit those producers during Maple Weekend (March 16-17 and March 23-24, 2013), where the public has the opportunity to see first-hand how maple products are produced, from tree to table, along with the chance to taste and purchase maple syrup and other maple products. And don't forget to visit the New York Maple Center at the New York State Fair - our 1600 square foot exhibition in the Horticulture Building complete with demonstration kitchen.