A Taste for Every Palate

Did you know that there are approximately 300 different natural flavor compounds found in pure maple syrup? In fact, it’s not unusual to experience distinctive tastes such as sugar, caramel, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, nuts, butter or honey. Typical of most natural products, maple syrups have complex flavors that are often detectable by taste and smell.
That delicious maple flavor can change depending on the region from which the syrup is harvested. Items that can impact flavor include soil type, weather conditions, tree genetics and more. But no matter where the sap is collected, the end result is a syrup that’s healthier than today’s imitation syrup products typically found in most grocery stores.

When it comes to flavor intensity, much can be learned from the syrup’s color; the darker the syrup, the stronger the flavors. The grades are Light Amber (golden color, delicate maple flavor), Medium (amber color, rich maple flavor), Dark (dark brown color, robust maple flavor), and Extra Dark for cooking (very dark brown color, strong maple flavor). Please note that “for cooking” is used as a guideline only and that the syrup can be used for many different reasons.

Now, just think of all the fun awaiting you as you experiment with various grades and flavors of maple syrup!