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March 21-22 & 28-29, 2020
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NYS Maple - Pure Maple Syrup for Cooking

Pure Maple Syrup - Natural and Nutritious

Pure Maple Syrup is a natural and nutritious sweetener and is a smart choice as a topping or as a flavorful ingredient in baking and cooking.

Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Kids love Maple Syrup and the New York State Maple Producers are always educating and entertaining children and families throughout the year.

Maple Weekend Information

Thanks for Visiting Maple Weekend 2019

Maple Weekends 2020 will be March 21, 22, and 28, 29.

Find a New York Maple Farm Near You

Look for a NY Maple Farm

Consumers who buy local help support the local habitat buy allowing farmers to keep it rural farm land without ruining the land for the wildlife.

NYS Maple Association

The New York State Maple Producers Association (NYSMPA) is a not-for-profit organization composed of the folks who produce maple syrup and related maple products throughout New York State. We are a diverse group of small business people who understand what it means to work hard in the forests, who take pride to practice sustainable wood lot management, so that healthy maple trees will yield their sweet sap year after year.

Don't Miss Maple Weekend 2020

Join us at Maple Weekend March 21-22 and March 28-29, 2020 for sugar house tours, samples, activities and much more.

Bottles of Maple Syrup

Pure NY Maple

Information on the Maple Industry

Our Industry

New York State is home to the largest resource of tappable maple trees within the United States, and over 2,000 maple sugarmakers.

Maple Recipies

Maple Recipes

Maple Syrup is a natural sweetener, a good source of vitamins, minerals and the perfect substitute for Sugar.

Maple Sugar Facts

Maple Syrup Facts

Pure Maple Syrup is made from the sap of several species of maple trees. It offers many benefits and is a unique natural resource with some interesting facts.