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Your gateway to exploring the fascinating world of maple syrup production through a treasure trove of learning materials designed for students and educators alike.

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Maple in the Classroom

The Cornell Sugar Maple Program exists to improve the production and use of maple products by working with producers, consumers, and others interested in this fascinating local product

Maple in the Classroom


Integrating Maple Syrup Into Learning

Kids love Maple Syrup and the New York State Maple Producers are always educating and entertaining children and families throughout the year.

Maple Syrup Resources

We are proud to present NY’s new maple syrup production lessons for use in your classroom. Integrate the ideas and concepts of maple syrup production in the context of social studies, mathematics, ELA, and science.

The Maple Resources curriculum offered by the New York State Maple Producers Association is designed to enrich students’ learning with a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating subjects such as science, math, and social studies. Through interactive lesson plans and activities, it aims to engage students in the fascinating process of maple syrup production, enhancing their understanding of nature’s cycles and the importance of sustainable practices in agriculture.

Educational Video Content

To request a DVD copy of these videos, please reach out directly to Cornell’s Maple in the Classroom website.